International Baptist Church of Sofia

Pastor Paul Arneson

Lead Pastor IBC Sofia


Greetings from the Paul and Kathy:


     Do you ever feel homesick?  After a time of being in a foreign country, vacationers and travelers and students and ex-patriots often begin to feel a yearning for home, for the familiar.


     Bulgarians also may have that same feeling…a yearning for home.   We at IBC Sofia try to help satisfy these yearnings by showing the love of Christ in many ways, by being that “home away from home” for whoever needs it.


     We worship in English with expository preaching.  We sing a lot.  We pray a lot. We laugh a lot. We fellowship a lot.  And we care a lot.


     If you are looking for an English-speaking, gospel centered, evangelical church with a multi-national, multi-ethnic congregation, you will feel right at home at IBC Sofia.





International Baptist Church - Ulitsa Pirin 91 - 1114 Sofia, Bulgaria  - e-mail: